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The Uprisor Podcast is a unique future of work discussion crafted for enterprise leaders and doers.

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Future of Work Series
The Practice of Taking Risks with Paul Roben of UCSD

How do you teach college students about risk-taking? Enjoy an Uprisor Innovation Discussion focused on how to encourage productive risk-taking and the continuing evolution of remote work. Paul Roben, vice-chancellor of the Innovation Program at UCSD, at Clinton Bonner, VP at Topcoder, discusses how being able to handle uncertainty and risk are core skills for entrepreneurship, and navigating the world in times of crisis.

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Uprisor is a unique future of work event crafted for enterprise leaders and doers. On demand talent has changed the game, enabling organizations to move faster, produce more, and bring innovations to market, sooner. Attend Uprisor to learn, experience, and be the continued evolution of how the world works.

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