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Uprisor is a unique future of work event crafted for enterprise leaders and doers. On demand talent has changed the game, enabling organizations to move faster, produce more, and bring innovations to market, sooner. 

Attend Uprisor to learn, experience, and be the continued evolution of how the world works.

Live On-Demand Talent Competitions at Uprisor

Uprisor is different by design. You’ll experience and be a part of live challenges, witnessing some of the top freelancer talent in the world competing in coding, design, data science, hackathon challenges, and more.

We’re proud to announce that the Topcoder Open (TCO) will take place at Uprisor.

Topcoder Open

The Ultimate Programming and Design Tournament

Only at Uprisor


Learn by participating in on-demand talent workshops and earning unique certifications preparing you and your enterprise for the real future of work.


Experience incredible thought leadership and unparalleled networking with enterprise leaders who have mastered their use of on-demand talent for their organization.


Be an integral part of the future of work, seeing and participating in live crowdsourcing challenges where the on-site talent competes to produce real-world outputs.

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